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Storefront: 4218 Mission Street, 7 days a week, 9am - 9pm
Delivery in SF: Mon - Sat, 12pm - 7pm, Call (415) 648-4420
Green Bar

About The Green Cross

The Green Cross (TGC) medical cannabis collective opened its doors in 2004 as a storefront location in Noe Valley. Instantly it was known for its professional, patient-centric operation style. The mantra that TGC followed was "patients first," a mantra that has since been used by many other organizations entering the medical cannabis industry.

TGC broke the mold in 2006 by morphing into a delivery service. Today, TGC still offers many strains, medicated edibles and smoking alternatives directly and discreetly to your home with the same friendly service and low prices people have come to expect. TGC has also been known as an exemplar in community and outreach services by offering patient consulting, care giving services, and an online community, going above and beyond traditional dispensary services, making it clear to not only its patients, but the community and the local government as well, that cannabis is much more important than many people deem it to be.

On June 15, 2013, TGC finally opened a new storefront at 4218 Mission Street in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. It took over six years to find a location and get the storefront up and running, but with the support of our valued members and the neighboring community, we were finally able to open our doors. As an organization, it is our top priority to provide our patient-members with quality medication at the low prices they've come to expect from us. It is important to The Green Cross to offer our patients a comfortable and accessible place to come purchase medication from professional and courteous staff members.

A primary goal of TGC is to improve the social and economic conditions of the neighborhood, while providing living wages to residents of the surrounding area. Since opening our storefront at 4218 Mission Street, we have employed several residents of the neighborhood. We take pride in providing employment opportunities to talented individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds. Moreover, TGC has taken the initiative to join various local neighborhood associations to help better the district we now call home.

Neighborhood safety is of the utmost importance to TGC. We have security personnel monitoring the block during business hours, making sure members are being respectful of the surrounding area. Loitering, double parking, leaving debris and smoking nearby are not permitted. We have mobile personnel monitoring the neighborhood during peak hours and in response to neighbor calls, enforcing our safety protocol and ensuring members are following the rules set forth by The Green Cross and local law enforcement. At our expense, TGC acquired the green zone parking spaces in front of our storefront, which allows members to park for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time. In addition, TGC offers special member parking at the tire shop acoss the street, located at 4249 Mission Street, from 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm Mon-Fri and 9:00 am - 9:30 pm Sat-Sun.

TGC strives to be a valuable asset to the surrounding neighborhood and maintain a welcoming and safe environment for neighbors, local businesses and patients alike. It has been a lengthy process to open a storefront, but we couldn't be more thrilled with the final product. We hope you will stop by and visit us soon.

Our Founder

Alabama native Kevin Reed is the President of The Green Cross. He moved to San Francisco from Mobile, Alabama in 1999 (following the passage of Proposition 215) after a car accident left him with serious chronic hip and back pain.

Once in San Francisco, Kevin soon discovered the health benefits of medical cannabis for treating his persistent hip and back pain. During this time, the cost of purchasing medical cannabis through local dispensaries was extremely exorbitant, and because of this, Kevin began growing cannabis in his private residence. Soon after cultivating cannabis for his own private use, Kevin had an unpleasant encounter with local law enforcement that left him in state of mistrust for the system. This occurrence motivated him to become a medical cannabis activist, fearlessly fighting for the rights of patients throughout San Francisco and California.

Since 2004 Kevin has emerged as an industrious and tireless advocate for medical cannabis patients, as well as the operators and members of medical cannabis collectives.

In 2005 and 2006, Kevin partnered with other medical cannabis dispensary owners and patient-allies to help advocate for the best possible cannabis legislation for the City of San Francisco.

Kevin later served on the Medical Cannabis Task Force in San Francisco, continuing his fight for affordable access to medical cannabis for patients throughout the Bay Area, all while lobbying for better local legislation with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

All of Kevin’s experiences have greatly contributed to the success of The Green Cross over the years, and played an important role in our organization’s underlying mission to put patients at the forefront of everything we do.

Partner Associations

Drug Policy Alliance -

Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club -

Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club -

Americans for Safe Access -

Marijuana Policy Project -

California NORML -

Reform CA -

Better Business Bureau -

Green America -

American Herbal Products Association -

Alliance for a Better District 6 -

Excelsior District Improvement Association -

Information About Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

When properly permitted, regulated and operated, medical cannabis dispensaries can be a positive part of a community. They will generate dozens of new jobs for local residents and create business opportunities for nearby shops and neighborhood cafes.

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Recent Awards

2017 Talk of the Town Award

2016 CA Assembly Cert. of Recognition

2016 SFBOS Certificate of Honor

2016 CA Senate Certificate of Recognition

2016 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

2016 Talk of the Town Award

2015 The Edible List - Best Chocolate Bar

2015 ABD6 - Special Distinction Award

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place Indica

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place Sativa

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place Hybrid

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place Indica Edible

2015 SFMCC - 2nd Place Indica Edible

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place Sativa Edible

2015 SFMCC - 2nd Place Sativa Edible

2015 SFMCC - 2nd Place Hybrid Edible

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place High CBD Edible

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place High CBD Edible

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place Topical

2015 Talk of the Town Award

2014 Best of the Bay - Pot Edibles

2014 Talk of the Town Award

2014 SFMCC - 2nd Place Edible

2014 SFMCC - 3rd Place Sativa

2014 SFMCC - 3rd Place Edible

2014 SFMCC - 3nd Place Edible

2013 Best of the Bay - Cannabis Edibles

2013 Best of the Bay - Cannabis Dispensary

2013 SFMCC - 1rd Place Strain

2013 SFMCC - 2rd Place Strain

2012 SFMCC - 1st Place Edible

2012 SFMCC - 3rd Place Edible

2011 SFMCC - 1st Place Strain

2011 SFMCC - 1st Place Edible

2010 SFMCC - 1st Place Concentrate

2010 SFMCC - 2nd Place Concentrate

2010 SFMCC - 3rd Place Concentrate

2009 SFMCC - 1st Place Strain

2008 SFMCC - 1st Place Strain