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Storefront: 4218 Mission Street, 7 days a week, 9am - 9pm
Delivery in SF: Mon - Sat, 12pm - 7pm, Call (415) 648-4420
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In order to access our products and services you must become a member of The Green Cross. We can process your membership once you provide us with a copy of your current Physician's Recommendation and/or Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC) and your California Driver License or California ID Card. If you don't have a Driver License, please provide us with a valid copy of your U.S. or Foreign Passport, Out of State ID Card, or Military ID, and two proofs of California residency

Please note: We do accept medical cannabis cards, but it must include the physician's signature and physician's ID number.

Don't have a recommendation? The following online doctors are available: Nugg, HelloMD, 420Evaluations, MMJDoctorOnline, MMJRecs, EazeMD.

Attach items by using the form below. You can also send these documents by fax to (415) 431-2420 or email to We'll contact you upon verification of your recommendation or to request additional information if necessary.

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Recent Awards

2017 Talk of the Town Award

2016 CA Assembly Cert. of Recognition

2016 SFBOS Certificate of Honor

2016 CA Senate Certificate of Recognition

2016 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

2016 Talk of the Town Award

2015 The Edible List - Best Chocolate Bar

2015 ABD6 - Special Distinction Award

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place Indica

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place Sativa

2015 SFMCC - 3rd Place Hybrid

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place Indica Edible

2015 SFMCC - 2nd Place Indica Edible

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place Sativa Edible

2015 SFMCC - 2nd Place Sativa Edible

2015 SFMCC - 2nd Place Hybrid Edible

2015 SFMCC - 1st Place High CBD Edible

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2015 SFMCC - 1st Place Topical

2015 Talk of the Town Award

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2014 SFMCC - 3rd Place Edible

2014 SFMCC - 3nd Place Edible

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2013 SFMCC - 1rd Place Strain

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2012 SFMCC - 1st Place Edible

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2011 SFMCC - 1st Place Strain

2011 SFMCC - 1st Place Edible

2010 SFMCC - 1st Place Concentrate

2010 SFMCC - 2nd Place Concentrate

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2009 SFMCC - 1st Place Strain

2008 SFMCC - 1st Place Strain